Step 1.  click www.dadas.ph

Step 2. Click “Get Started”

Step 3. Enter your phone number and click NEXT button.

Step 4. Enter OTP code and click VALIDATE button.

Step 5. Provide Unique Password

Step 6. Click Log in

Step 7. Select items and click ADD

Step 8. Click CHECK OUT, Fill up details and review product details.


Step 10. Text message Dadas Confirmation with tracking info.


Cash on Delivery(COD)

Bank – Account Name: PS91 Sales Inc.

BDO Savings Account Number: 003430272941

GCash Account Number: 09272150651


Manila and some neighboring towns. Full list below

No minimum or maximum order

We can deliver the same day to next day

We have a quality guarantee as well as aftersales support

  1. Easy convenient and affordable.
  2. One stop shop online service.
  3. Our product are fresh and 100% quality guaranteed.
  4. Safe and clean products.
  5. Approved by NMIS (National Meat Inspection Service)
  6. Fast online transactions.
  7. Door to door delivery.
  8. Fresh deals and  exciting promos.
  9. Freebies for every single purchase.
  10. Easy payment option.
  • GCash
  • Bank Transfer
  • C.O.D

11. Percentage of income goes  directly goes to our CSR activities.




1 Valid ID (Government ID )

Agent Policy:

Send through Email/Messenger

Payment Method:

  1. C.O.D
  2. Bank Transaction/over the counter
  3. GCash

Contact Person: Ms. Precious

Contact Number: 0931-172-7993 (Sun) / 0966-886-9594 (Globe).

If you order from 7:00 AM -11:00AM the time lead is in the afternoon.

If you order in our cut-off time 3:00PM onwards it will deliver next day morning.

Free delivery for 1,000 purchased order.

Delivery charge below 1,000 with lowest charge it depends in the address you provide.

Request for a specific delivery time and date is possible, Just inform us ahead of time, customer may preferred time and day to deliver.  

Our courier will deliver the order up to 2 attempts only. After which the order will be returned to the office warehouse. This is accordance with the delivery policy. 

The courier will call when they are at the address you provided.

Step 1. Call (0017-459-2075/0933-866-4742) or Email our Dadas Support Team(Dadaslitson@dadasgroup.com) and raise your concern regarding refund cash.

Step 2. Refund Option

*Bank Transfer


Step 3. Wait for conformation with Dadas Team.

Step 1. Call (0017-459-2075/0933-866-4742) or Email our Dadas Support Team(Dadaslitson@dadasgroup.com) and raise your concern regarding refund cash.

Step 2. Send your evidence (picture) via email or messenger link: https://www.facebook.com/DadasMarketOfficial

Step 3. Return Option

*Return with the same amount of product

*Return and Exchange with the same product

Step 4. Wait for the confirmation from Dadas Team.


  1. One’s your order tag as “For Preparation” it is allowed to cancel the orders.
  2. One’s your order tag as “For shipping” it is not allowed to cancel the orders.
  3. For the follow-up, we recommended contacting you issuing bank. In case of double charges, you can contact our support lines (0017-459-2075/0933-866-4742) for further assistance.
  4. Be sure request return/refund within the you receive the item.

Payment Details

Cash on Delivery (COD)

BANK- Account Name: PS91 Sales Inc.

BDO Savings Account 

Number: 003430272941

GCash Account Number